The more you bring with you, the more you need to manage, store, clean and maintain.  Go Light and go happy! You will be surprised how downsizing to just the necessities like a minimalist is bliss.

Maximizing Transit Connect camper space is all about choosing the right accessories to fit your needs. Minimizing quantity and focusing on needs is liberating, your camper is small enough to not only be stored in your garage when not in use but also is always packed and ready to go!


Work out what you need for a short trip and you will quickly realize you can camp and livecomfortably for a few days and even weeks and months with a limited anout of equipment. Start with the basics and if you think you may be packing heavy, consider a backpacker with travel with far less!


-An electric blanket- no need for a sleeping bag many cases, with an electric blanket on shore power or battery reserve if you have a house battery,you can stay warm even below freezing when winter Little Campers can have Big advantages!

-Sleeping bag or blanket- your choice however think small, down bags pack tiny and are super comfortable in warm and cold weather.

-Need more heat? Bring a small portable ceramic heater for use on shore power- the will heat a little camper right up!

-Clothing: Pack thin, light, easy to clean clothing and to layer to accommodate changing temperatures. Bring along a couple laundry pods and do laundry while on the road. When traveling place to place we often find doing laundry and having lunch on a stop efficient and keeps out cloths clean even when out months at a time- like a trip to Alaska?

-Cooking gear: Keep it really basic. One small two burner camp stove (with propane disposable bottle fuel), one JetBoil (with fuel), one pair of tongs, one spatula, eating utensils, plates, sharp knife, a cup all for just two if this is how your travel.
Foil is excellent for lots of possibilities and a tablecloth can be handy.

-Dish detergent and a wash towel.

-Flashlight or headlamp  should be packed

-Insect repellent, toilet paper, rope, trash bags, essential medications, first aid kit, sunscreen, and rain gear

This list is just an idea of the basics, some travel with far less and others with far more but the point is keeping it small, clears space and keeps traveling simple.


Below is a short list of our favorites:

1) Jetboil stove- Light and very fast! Fuel is readily available. These are best for coffee, soups, liquids

2) Electric blanket when on shore power- the blanket alone will keep camper warm on mild nights

3) Little Buddy (propane) heater- great for off-grid heat when no shore power is available (creates more moisture than electric heaters) - *** always use with CO2 Detector

4) SMALL electric heater for use on shore power- 1600 watt is a good size, nothing to big is needed to keep camper warm in even the coldest nights.

5) For cooking food- we like the two burner type propane stoves- brands are endless, If you find the flatter type they fit in a tote with room to spare for cooking utensils and fuel bottles.

6) Cast iron- Dutch oven set, this is great for cooking on propane grill or open flame, look for a dutch oven with a smooth lid as it doubles as a griddle (available at Walmart)


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Happy Travels!