No propane system and the associated costs and problems that come with it. No filling tanks- or running out when you need it most and no wasted space used for propane tank

The bigger advantage is you can ditch the problematic and inefficient absorption propane refrigerator for an efficient 12V/120V electric refrigerator- run solar along with a solid bank of batteries and you can keep your food cold indefinitely without fear of running out of fuel when boon docking. Another great advantage of an electric refrigerator- your don’t have to be level to operator your refrigerator!

Cooking- some feel “gas” stoves are the best…Well let’s look at this- 1) open flame…..choose for yourself. 2) Hard to clean 3) inefficient- lots of heat yet not efficient heat.

We build with and recommend “Full Induction” cooktops.  Why? The energy use is very economical for a couple reasons: 1) Induction cooking is quicker than gas because an induction cooktop only heats the cookware you are using- nothing else! yip…,safety is a good thought as well in your campervan without the flame. 2) Temperature control is much more precise, again- cook faster 3) Induction cooktops automatically power off the moment the pan leaves the surface-again- safety and efficiency.

Yes, it’s a trend with DLM built campervans- no fill stations, no dump stations, less problematic systems, less maintenance, ease of use in all systems, quality electrical systems capable of use on and off-grid.

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(New and used vans available, financing available, typical conversion time is within 30 days from time of scheduling)


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