Where do I put all my “stuff” in a Campervan when I travel? Good question, and a good reason why a Campervan is a better choice for travel.

Yes, that’s right: You have room for MUCH LESS stuff!

Much less is in fact one BIG advantage of traveling in a smaller Campervan!

With a campervan you get to bring along your personal space to sit, relax, sleep, cook, work (if needed), enjoy the world around you but still maintain mobility and maneuverability in all the picturesque places you plan to travel without size and "stuff" impeding your adventures.

Smaller will:

1)   Radically simplify your travels and adventures.

2)   Allow the rediscovery of the simple pleasures of camping (without a tent).

3)   Allow you to “go wherever” you want to go with little to no planning.

4)   Save money on fuel, insurance, maintenance, hookups.

5)   Easy to heat and cool a Campervan being it is a smaller area.

6)   Easy to pack- you will be “encouraged” to bring only what you need, not the whole household which will not likely be used anyway.

7)   Bringing your “favorites” not the whole wardrobe, leaving room for that must have souvenir shirt etc.

8)   Spend more time outside, sightseeing and enjoying your surroundings.

9)   Make you realize what “Glamping” is all about! (Glamping: A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping- from the Oxford English dictionary).

10)   Remind you that your travels and vacation should be as much about getting there as it is being there- enjoy the drive, keep it agile and simple.


So what’s your next travel destination? With a Campervan you can! Whether you want to see all of your state parks, visit all the national parks, tailgate at the best sport stadiums the country has to offer or visit a local park with everything you need. We hope you get out and do it, see it, live it and enjoy it!