Campervan shower? RV Shower?

Why are many campervans built without a shower? The biggest reason is space. A shower will take up a lot of room inside the vehicle, and will be very small leaving you to shower over the toilet. Showers require a lot of fresh water, then waste water be carried and dumped at a dump station, again a Campervan has limited space and it is not a good use of space for something not used as much as one would think before owning and traveling in an RV of any type.

Take a few days and go camping at a campground where showers are available. You will likely find campers and RV’ers in rigs big and small head to the campground facilities- more room, nothing to clean, not moisture, no excessive water and dump requirements needed.

If you find someone with a campervan with a shower, ask them how often it is used….to shower that is, not to just hang cloths and for storage. You may be surprised by the answers you get.