Your Campervan is a great vehicle for your snowbird migration from the colder, higher latitudes of the northern United States and Canada!

Time to move southward for your adventure to your seasonal residence?

Make your journey in a campervan and you do not need to unpack at every hotel stop along the way, you get to sleep in your own bed, save on the cost of air travel as well as having follow on logistics on both sides on your trip already covered.  Then of course you already have a perfect daily driver upon arriving at your destination and for use on all of your side excursions! “Snowbirding” in a campervan is an experience like no other,

Make you plan now! if you live in the north, you know winter is coming. With that, those of us who like to "winter" or "Snowbird" will be planning out our adventures whether it is a quick hit in the mountains to ski - in route to a warmer place or total avoidance travel is a great way enjoy the weather the way you want it!