Camper Van traveling saves big money for the world traveler. Yes you can travel abroad, cross oceans, seas and continents with your campervan!

You may have already discovered that touring in a Campervan has awesome benefits being they have the amenities of a tiny home on wheels. To note a few, a campervan is easy to drive and park, for many people it is their daily driver.
Campervans get outstanding gas mileage compared to all other types of motor homes and very likely gets better gas mileage than pull behind camper combo's.

Although most folks consider the small size of a Campervan a benefit over big for many reasons, those who still are not sure have probably never considered an extended RV trip overseas. Size matters and a Campervan makes your trip to the most expensive destinations affordable.

Maybe you are doing an Alaska tour and took the Alaskan highway on the way in and are ready for a different route home on the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System. Cost for your Campervan.... inexpensive compared to shipping a class-a or class-c and far cheaper than a truck and trailer combo being you are being charged by the foot on the ferry.

How about Hawaii, New Zealand, Europe in a Campervan? Now you can go abroad, see more, do more and spend much less. Take Hawaii for example, you can ship port to port from the mainland USA about 3 weeks in advance for about $1000 one way. Sound expensive? Not at all considering a car rental in Hawaii will be $500 a week or more, hotels start in the $200-300 range and much more at the nicest locations. Looking at it this way, besides the airline ticket and food, two weeks in Hawaii can cost as little as $150 a day if you ship and stay in your Campervan as you travel.

The above is just a sample to get a ballpark on travel costs. However, as you can quickly see and the longer you spend abroad the cheaper it gets....oh my, an extended vacation....Hmmm that could be the life!

Don't forget to look at the "big" picture in a perfectly sized or so called "little" camper van.

The world can be your playground; in luxury and at your own pace in your Campervan.

Happy travels,

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