our recommendation is to forgo the walk in bathroom altogether and consider and hidden toilet solution or at least a tank-less solution so you have NO plumbing, NO black water tubes, NO sewer hook-up needs and best of all NO dump stations to deal with! There are many portable toilets that will do this for you however with a traditional portable toilet which are by the way flushable you still need to deal with liquid/soft waist at some point to empty however. With a plumed in toilet system with holding tanks there is more maintenance, smell and dump stations and dump tubes to deal with. HOWEVER-there is a solution!

We consider the Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet the best solution. Why? This toilet is off grid other than charging! The Dry-Flush runs on rechargeable battery- included, no plumbing required up to 17 uses per cartridge, comes with 2 cartridges. Charges on 12VDC and uses no current while idle. The Dry Flush toilet does not use chemicals or water it is 100% odorless. Best of all no dump stations! The disposal system takes less than a minute to replace the cartridge and the old one just gets put in the trash without mess, smell or contact with any waste. These toilets work great for 4 season camping! With no holding tank under your campervan you have no worries for freezing. This toilet keeps with the concept of simplicity and low maintenance- No More  RV specific toilet paper needed, you can use household toilet paper and flush nearly anything as you have no worries of pluged plumbing!

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