So what will it cost? Where do I start you ask?

Let’s start with the type of van and where it will come from:

You can buy one from us or our partner Ford Dealer and finance the conversion in with the van if desired or you may be able to bring one to us to convert if your van meets the specifications required for a DLM Campervan Conversion.

Size of Van:

Do you want to be able to park in a garage? Is fuel economy a driving factor (Yes some camper vans get 28 MPG or more!), do you want it a big as it gets and still fits in a single parking spot and does not get rated by city parking restrictions and being oversized? Do you want it built stealth to look more like a work van or family van than a camper? How about head room, do you want even a 6'3 person to be able to stand up without squatting?

Now consider options:

The list is endless- what do you find important, what will you use and what can you do without (also consider what you "should" do without) Campervans can be converted from just a few thousand dollars to well over 100 depending on what you want out of it.  The starting point should be your main layout, rear bed? Slide out bed? Do you want a dinette? Toilet? How about cabinets? Where and how many? Then think about your electrical system. Your electrical system is the heat of your camper. Do you plan on being in campgrounds with hook ups most of the time? Dry Camping? Do you drive every day or stay parked for days? What do you want to run while off grid? How long? These are all important questions you must ask yourself so that you can articulate your needs and have an electrical system built to meet your goals. This may include many amp hours of reserve power from AGM or lithium batteries, Solar cells, Generators, 20, 30 or 50 amp systems depending on what you plan on running. 2000 watt or larger pure sine wave inverters. How about ventilation? Fans with thermostat to come on and off as needed? Multiple fans? Air-conditioners: How many BTUs? How about a heat pump? TV? Satellite systems? Do you want to be able to watch TV while in motion?

Options are near endless, we hope the above thoughts and ideas get you thinking about what you would like or maybe what you were missing in your last RV or Campervan and must have in your next one. 

Give us a call with your questions and requirements, you might be surprised on the bottom line.

We often get asked for a "ballpark" A "Ballpark estimate is not possible without knowing the features you are looking for, especially in reference to your electrical system and HVAC. When you have figured out how you plan on using your campervan, give us a call! We can work though some questions and answers to help determine your electrical needs, layouts and size of vehicle most suiting to your needs and budget.

Conversions start as low as $6000 for the transit connect Campervans and go up by desired features and size and type of vehicle for the Ford Transit Campervans.