So what will it cost? Where do I start you ask?

Let’s start with the type of van and where it will come from:

You can bring your own van, buy one from us, or order from factory to the specification which make the most sense to you based on the type of upfit/conversion you are looking for. (this if the most popular and often the best cost over buying from inventory)

Size of Van:

Do you want to be able to park in a garage? Is fuel economy a driving factor (Yes some camper vans get 28 MPG or more!), do you want it a big as it gets and still fits in a single parking spot and does not get rated by city parking restrictions and being oversized? Do you want it built stealth to look more like a work van or family van than a camper? How about head room, do you want even a 6'3 person to be able to stand up without squatting?

Now consider options:

The list is endless- what do you find important, what will you use and what can you do without (also consider what you "should" do without) Camper Vans can be converted from just a few thousand dollars to well over 100 depending on what you want out of it.  In our option most Vans are converter with options that fill the interior to the point of losing the feeling of any extra room, losing most views from windows and often filling with what after much research has found to be options that are seldom if ever used. HOWEVER :-) every individual has a situation, desired use and required accessory that should be fitted into your Camper Van satisfying your  perfectly upfitted machine, built for your purpose.


Give us a call with your requirments, you might be surprised on the bottom line.

With prices starting at $6000 you can be cruising in a camper van built to your needs

Dave & Candy