Mini-T Camper Van 2017 Garageable Transit Connect


Mileage: 5,679

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NEW Mini-T Campervan Conversion! On low mileage 2017 Ford Transit Connect (front wheel driver for great all season traction!)

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Mini-T Camper Van ~ NEW Campervan Conversion! On low mileage 2017 Ford Transit Connect (front wheel driver for great all season traction!) Warranty, trades, financing call today: 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446 Navigation system, Microwave, Dry-Flush Toilet, Sink, dual battery house electrical system, TV, Bluetooth, Solar, Roof mounted fan, heated leather front seats, Power folding mirrors, back up camera, under bed storage, front and rear parking aids, blind spot Indicator system, tow package, start by temperature feature (for A/C) and much more. FEATURES: TV/DVD combo with self-tracking long range TV Antenna, Solar power to keep your house battery charged and camper running off-grid without hook ups. Auto Start feature by time and temperature for engine driven air conditioning, roof mounted 10 speed reversible fan, LED interior lighting, limo-tinted windows / one way effect. Solar/Battery monitor system provides plenty of power along with the status of your house battery. Microwave oven, Sink, Toilet, 2000w pure sine inverter, 120V shore power outlet with USB charge ports, power inverter for “off-grid” 120V needs, easy to clean vinyl flooring, under bed storage and rear cabinet, compressor driven refrigerator which runs from house battery at 0-50 degrees, remote start, back up camera, rear parking aid, driver’s door keypad entry system, weathertech front floor liners, front window/driver and passenger front window privacy curtain and sunshades. Low maintenance and easy to use campervan! 12 month conversion and camper systems warranty. Camper starter kit including: Side window screens, portable stove and fuel, storage bins, water storage jug with spigot. This 2017 Ford Transit Connect Campervan is just: 80" high (with roof features) and 189.7" long- Fits in standard 7 foot garage and can go through a drive through car wash! Call us at 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446 with any questions you may have. The Mini-T camper van is an affordable Campervan that gets up to 27 MPG (highway), works great as a daily driver and can go through a car wash! If you have been looking for a RV that gets your camping and traveling inexpensively this may be the one to consider. What’s your next adventure? Why not head-out in a Mini-T Camper Van!

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