2018 Magnetic Metallic Mini-T Campervan Solar Off-Grid HOA Friendly RV

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Mileage: 9145

Low Mileage 2018 Ford Transit Connect Magnetic Metallic Mini-T Campervan

Mini-T Camper vans are the perfect campervan for companion camping, camping for couples or solo travelers looking for an easy to drive motorhome that is small enough to fit in a garage when not in use. 

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This stealthy campervan is Home Owners Association friendly! This very versatile RV fits in nearly any campsite and can be parked in your garage when not in use.

Features: Solar, off-grid or on-grid electrical power, backup camera, microwave oven, refrigerator, keyless door pad, long range remote start, cd player, TV/DVD, start by temperature system foldable/portable toilet and more.

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This 2018 Mini T campervan has BIG features that most larger Camper Vans do not have! Solar? yes! Enough off grid power to run your microwave? yes! Run a CPAP at night, yes! Run a hair dryer? yes! Fit in campsites large and small with or without electricity. yes!  All this and it still fits in a standard garage! 

This 2018 Mini-T Campervan is an affordable Mini-Motorhome with the benefit of great gas mileage! 24-28 MPG 

Features you will love is the solar power to keep your house batteries charged, your refrigerator, microwave and accessories will run when shore power is not available, LED interior lighting, sink and faucet, TV/DVD Combo, foldable/portable toilet stored under the bed, limo-tinted windows provide one way effect- See out but not in. Front privacy curtain which can also be used as sun shade when parked. Perfect campervan for a daily driver. Solar/Battery monitor system provides plenty of power along with the status of your house batteries. 120V shore power outlet with USB charge ports for shore power use. 12V access/port which runs from high output (dual) house batteries, inverter for "off-grid" 120V needs. (2000W max) High end easy to clean and maintain vinyl flooring, easy access under bed storage and rear cabinet storage for your outdoor cookware, bags and travel necessities. Low maintenance and easy to use campervan! Side window screens provided for bug control and ventilation when camping. Refrigerator is 24 quart highly efficient compressor driven with the ability to set temperature from -0 to 50 degrees F and maintain it for safe food and beverage storage. Refrigerator will hold the equivalent of 27, 12 ounce cans and can hold a 2 liter bottle upright.

Campervan questions? Delivery, Warranty questions? Call today 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446

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