2022 Mini-T Campervan ~ The Mini-Motorhome for safe travel without the airport and hotel fees!

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Mileage: 139

2022 Mini-T Campervan™ 

The Travel Van with all of the best features for Camping, touring and "the daily commute!"

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This small Camper Van will fit in your garage when not in use! HOA Friendly, The Mini T Campervan gets great gas mileage, 24-28 MPG.

Features:  Navigation system, Large reverse camera, rear sensing system, Solar, off-grid or on-grid electrical power, roof mounted fan, long range TV antenna, WIFI hot spot, large backup camera, microwave oven, refrigerator and more.

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2022 Transit Connect Mini-T  Campervan “The Garageable CamperVan”

This 2022 Ford Transit Connect Mini-T Campervan provides both safety features and the Class B Campervan conversion comforts you will enjoy while providing you with a fuel efficient and easy to drive and park RV or daily driver.

Safety features include: a large rear-view backup camera, engine block heater, quick clear windshield, built in Navigation system, airbags, tire pressure monitoring system, cornering fog lamps, rain sensing wipers, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking and reverse sensing system. This Camper Van's included convenience features are 2 smart USB ports, wireless phone charging pad, Sync 3, Ford Pass, with Apple car play and Android auto capability and Navigation.

This 2022 Mini-T Campervan has the class B RV features with powerful capabilities for your travels: The Mini-T Campervans electrical system includes solar power a 2000W inverter for 120V needs even off the "grid".  No need to be plugged into shore power to run your microwave, charge a computer, make a cup of coffee or use other household items. Shore power is included, plug in at your campsite or a household outlet if you need unlimited power for extended use and to keep your "house batteries" charged in inclement weather or darkness.

Mini-T features include a TV/DVD player that will bring in free over the air TV stations with a fully automatic low-profile RV TV antenna. There is space under the bed with 2 included storage totes and a portable foldable toilet. Roof fan is a 10 speed thermostatically controlled reversible fan, microwave oven powered by your "house batteries". The Mini-T Camper is set up with a stainless steel sink and a 24 quart highly efficient compressor refrigerator which will hold the equivalent of 27, 12-ounce cans as a reference to the size. You have dual house batteries independent of your vans automotive battery. The limo-tinted windows provide privacy along with a front privacy curtain and Weathertech sunshades to cover front windows. Weathertech floormats are included to help protect your front carpeting. Two magnetic side window screens for bug control are also included in the "camping starter kit"  along with a portable cook stove, a shore power cord, power adapter and more.

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The Mini-T Campervan is the Garageable Travel Van with BIG capabilities! Run Microwave off grid=YES, Run Hair dryer, curling iron etc off grid=YES, Run CPAP, electric blanket and more=YES!

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