2019 F350 Super Duty Dump | Plow Truck

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Mileage: 1463


2019 Ford F350 Super Duty Dump & Plow Truck

If you're in the market for a versatile and dependable workhorse, you'll want to pay close attention to our 2019 Ford F350 Super Duty Dump & Plow Truck. What sets this rig apart? First off, it's not just a dump truck; it also serves as a fully capable plow truck. That's right—when winter rolls around, this truck won't let you down. Powered by a Gas engine, it's an ideal pick for plowing duties—easy to start and no worries about fuel gelling in colder temps.

This F350 also boasts heavy-duty features that you can rely on, from its rugged steel frame to the reinforced dump bed. The advanced hydraulic systems allow for precise control whether you're dumping or plowing. 

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2019 Ford F350 Super Duty Dump & Plow Truck

If you're in the hunt for a do-it-all, rugged vehicle that'll make you stop scrolling through endless listings, then you've got to set your sights on our exceptional 2019 Ford F350 Super Duty. Not just an ordinary dump truck, this beauty pulls double duty as a high-efficiency snow plow. Now, let's talk about why it deserves to be your next big investment: When Old Man Winter comes knocking, this F350 isn't breaking a sweat. Thanks to its Gas engine, you can forget about the hassles of cold starts and fuel gelling—this truck's engineered to excel in any climate.

But winter isn't its only forte. This truck is built with durability in mind, boasting a resilient steel frame and a heavy-duty dump bed that's prepped for even the most challenging tasks. And it doesn't just brute-force its way through jobs; it brings a level of finesse with its state-of-the-art hydraulic systems, allowing you unparalleled control for both dumping and plowing.

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