2022 Mini-T Campervan: Fuel-Efficient, Solar equipped RV that Fits Right in Your Garage

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Mileage: 133

The Ultimate Class B RV for HOA Residents and Beyond: Introducing the 2022 Mini-T Campervan!

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Do you live within the constraints of an HOA? Dreaming of an escape to national parks or urban hideaways without the burden of a large RV? The Mini-T Campervan is your ticket to freedom, all while serving as an efficient daily driver. It's not just an RV; it's a lifestyle enhancer.

Why Mini-T Stands Out:

-Fuel-Efficient Freedom: Navigate from cityscapes to remote campgrounds economically.

-Compact Yet Feature-Rich: Despite its size, it's equipped with everything you need for on-the-go comfort.

-HOA-Friendly Design: No more worrying about where to park your RV. This fits right at home, even in HOA-regulated areas.

Key Features to Enhance Your Travels:

~Robust Power System: 2000W off-grid electrical setup ensures you're always powered.

~Go Green with Solar: Harness the sun's energy wherever your travels take you.

~Stay Connected: With onboard WiFi hotspot, SYNC3, and Bluetooth, you're always just a click away from the world.

~Safety First: A large-screen backup camera keeps your reverses safe and accurate.

~Optimized Ventilation: The 10-speed reversible fan ensures comfort in any weather.

~Entertainment On-the-Go: Long-range, self-tracking TV antenna, coupled with a TV/DVD combo, turns any spot into a cozy movie night location.

~Efficient Storage and Amenities: From under-bed storage to a space-saving foldable toilet, every inch is designed thoughtfully.

~Additional Conveniences: Wireless phone charger, remote start via phone, a 6-way power driver seat, and a trailer tow package make every journey a breeze.

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From City Streets to Scenic Routes: The 2022 Mini-T Campervan

Thinking about a road trip? Need a camper van that's comfy for camping but also practical as a daily driver? Maybe you'd like your RV to fit in your garage when not in use? The Mini-T Camper Van is your answer. You can park it at home, even if you have rules about RVs in your area. Plus, this compact van packs a lot inside!

The Mini-T is easy to drive and park. It's not too big but has enough space for two people. You've got a solar panel, a fan, a TV, microwave, sink, and even a fridge that can hold 33 cans of soda. It also has batteries, tinted windows for privacy, sunshades, bug screens, and easy-to-clean floors. There's space under the bed for your belongings and a hidden portable toilet, just in case.

Worried about safety? The 2022 Ford Transit Connect has got you covered. It comes with a large camera at the back, brakes that can automatically stop the van if necessary, airbags, and other safety features. There are also spots to charge your phone, and you can connect your phone to the van for maps and music.

The best part? This van isn't too tall or long. It can fit in most garages and can even go through standard car washes. It's also great for everyday driving.

Questions? Need more information? Just call DLM-Campervans at 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446. 

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