Discover Luxury on Wheels: Pre-Owned 2022 Blue Metallic Titanium Mini-T Campervan with Adaptive Cruise and Awning

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Mileage: 4,934

2022 Transit Connect Titanium Mini-T Campervan RV ~

Here's your chance to secure a gently used Campervan, which still retains its fresh, off-the-lot charm and includes substantial bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage!

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The compact design of the Mini-T Campervan allows it to snugly fit into your garage during non-use, providing a distinct advantage for those living in HOA-regulated communities. This small but mighty Motorhome boasts an impressive gas mileage of 24-28 MPG!

Dive into the unique features and advantages of owning a Mini-T Campervan. Experience the convenience and security of your very own mobile sleeping space as you embark on your travels! Moreover, the Mini-T Campervan can seamlessly transition into your daily vehicle, eliminating the need for multiple car ownership.

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Introducing the 2022 Ford Transit Connect Titanium Mini-T Campervan RV ~

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to acquire a lightly used, pristine condition Mini-T Campervan that feels just like new. This spectacular compact RV combines the exhilarating freedom of the open road with remaining bumper-to-bumper warranty, giving you peace of mind as you embark on your adventures.

This Mini-T Campervan is a masterclass in design and utility. Its compact size, defying the traditional RV norms, allows it to fit neatly into a standard garage, making it an ideal choice for HOA-regulated neighborhoods. Even with its compact stature, it stands tall in terms of fuel efficiency, providing a remarkable gas mileage of 24-28 MPG.

This Campervan isn't just about the journey, but also about the comfort and safety it brings along the way. With heated leather front seats, Adaptive Cruise control, and convenient airline-style mid-overhead storage bins, it promises a traveling experience like none other.

The thoughtful conversion of this 2022 model includes an awning, a cozy pull-out bed/couch, fully automatic low-profile RV TV antenna, thermostatically controlled reversible roof fan, TV/DVD combo, microwave, sink, and a 24-quart efficient compressor refrigerator. It also features dual house batteries, a 2000W maximum inverter for "off-grid" needs, and a 120V shore power outlet. Additional luxuries like limo-tinted windows, front privacy curtains, Weathertech sunshades, vinyl flooring, underbed storage containers, and a portable cook stove are all included to ensure you have everything you need for your travels.

Safety is a priority in the design of the Ford Transit Connect Campervan. A comprehensive suite of safety features including a rear-view camera, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping system, blind-spot information system on mirrors, tire pressure monitoring system, and adaptive cruise control ensure a secure journey.

At the same time, the Mini-T Campervan doubles up as your everyday vehicle, eliminating the costs and troubles associated with maintaining multiple cars. With 2 smart USB ports, a wireless phone charging pad, voice-activated Navigation, and Ford Pass, it proves to be an ideal companion for your daily needs.

The Ford Transit Connect Mini-T Campervan is just 80" high (with roof features) and 189.7" long, fitting perfectly in a standard 7-foot garage and easily passing through any car wash. This Mini-T Campervan truly makes for an exceptional daily driver!

For any inquiries related to the Mini T Campervan, nationwide delivery options, or Mini-T RV financing, please reach out to DLM-Distribution at 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446 today.

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