2023 Garageable Mini-T Campervan with Adaptive Cruise Control, Solar, 2" Receiver, and More ~ Your Ultimate Travel Caravan

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Mileage: 8

2023 Ford Transit Connect Mini-T Campervan ~ Garageable "HOA complient" Freedom!

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Discover the freedom of travel with the 2023 Ford Transit Connect Mini-T Campervan, your perfect solution to both RV and personal vehicle needs. This compact motorhome is cleverly designed to fit in your garage, ensuring easy storage when not in use, making it one of the few HOA-friendly RVs on the road. Experience the convenience of an RV that serves as an excellent daily driver, while also offering the comforts of home. Enjoy features such as your own cozy bed, off-grid power, including a solar system, microwave oven and more, all while benefiting from an impressive gas mileage of 24-28 MPG.

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Set forth on the open road in the 2023 Mini-T Ford Transit Connect Camper Van, your passport to unbounded freedom and the answer to your wanderlust. While at home, abide by HOA rules if RV storage poses an issue. The Mini-T Campervan, subtle enough to blend into your everyday life yet adventurous at its core, snuggly tucks into your garage when not in use, ready to awaken at a moment’s notice for your next expedition.

The Mini-T Campervan is your trustworthy confidant, combining the homey comfort of a motorhome with the nimble prowess of an urban vehicle. Glide effortlessly through picturesque landscapes, untraveled paths, or beloved parks with the Mini-T Campervan's easy-to-handle and compact physique. This RV is your perfect nesting place, designed with features for your essential comforts while still being compact enough to seamlessly exist within your daily life, including the ability to be parked in HOA-regulated areas.

Inside this 2023 Ford Transit Connect, the Mini-T Campervan unveils a world of possibilities. A space that perfectly accommodates two, this campervan introduces a range of conveniences. Bask in the independence offered by solar power, feel the breeze of a 10-speed reversible fan, and catch the latest shows with an over-the-air long-range TV antenna and a TV/DVD combo. From a 25 liter efficient compressor refrigerator to a microwave and sink, the campervan encompasses all that you need. For ultimate privacy, limo-tinted windows, a front privacy curtain, and Weathertech sunshades are included. And that's just the beginning!

Safety, the bedrock of the 2023 Ford Transit Connect, is seamlessly melded with the comforts of the Mini-T Campervan conversion. Experience peace of mind with features such as adaptive criuse control,  a large rear-view camera, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, front and rear airbags, tire pressure monitoring, a blind-spot info system, a reverse sensing system, and more. All of these, coupled with the added convenience of 2 smart USB ports, a wireless phone charging pad, compatibility with Ford Pass, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, make this vehicle your secure home on wheels.

Measuring a mere 80" in height (with roof features) and 189.7" (15.8 ft) in length, this 2023 Ford Transit Connect Mini-T Campervan is perfectly proportioned for a standard 7-foot garage and even a trip through the car wash. Delivering a remarkable gas mileage of 24-28 MPG, it transitions smoothly from an explorer's dream to your everyday drive!

Let your adventure begin with the Mini-T Campervan. For any inquiries about the Campervan, trade-ins, delivery, or financing, or if you're simply drawn by the call of the road, contact DLM-Distribution today at 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446. Let your journey of endless freedom and exploration commence!

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