2023 Mini-T Campervan, Solar-Powered, RV Fits in Garages, Leather and Navigation


Mileage: 45

VIN: NM0GE9F24P1533460

This new 2023 Mini-T Campervan combines great fuel economy (24-28 MPG) with the convenience of a compact design. This RV is practical for daily use and fits in your garage, making it HOA friendly.

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Experience easy travel with the Mini-T Campervan. Navigate tight spaces, explore national parks, and enjoy off-grid adventures. It’s designed for effortless trips and everyday journeys.

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The 2023 Mini-T Campervan blends travel comfort with everyday utility. It's more than a car, it's a versatile travel van designed for adventure, camping, and daily life. Its size is perfect for nationwide travel and fitting in standard garages, a plus for HOA communities.

This campervan accommodates two, featuring solar power, a multi-speed fan, a TV antenna, TV/DVD, a microwave, a sink, an efficient fridge, dual batteries, and a 2000W inverter for off-grid use, plus a 120V outlet for campsites. It ensures comfort and privacy with tinted windows, a privacy curtain, sunshades, mats, window screens, durable flooring, and ample storage. It includes a portable stove, power cord, and a portable toilet.

Driving is safe and enjoyable with navigation, a rear-view camera, safety features like emergency braking and airbags, plus conveniences such as heated seats, USB ports, wireless charging, and smartphone integration.

The Ford Transit Connect-based campervan fits in 7-foot garages and can go through car washes, making it versatile for daily use and exploration.

For inquiries about the Mini-T Campervan, including delivery or financing, call 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446. Nationwide shipping is available. Let's make your travel dreams come true!

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