Need to Run a Roof Top RV A/C without 30 Amp Service? The EasyStartâ„¢ will Revolutionize Your RV A/C Experience


EasyStart™ stands out as an exceptionally advanced soft starter for single-phase motors, uniquely crafted for a variety of air conditioning applications. This innovative device is designed with a four-stage start ramp sequence, which self-optimizes to ensure the minimum start-up current possible. One of its remarkable features is the ability to reduce the start current by 65-75% compared to a compressor's standard locked-rotor amperage (LRA). This makes EasyStart an ideal solution for running air conditioners or refrigeration compressors on generators, inverters, or limited utility power sources where they would otherwise be incompatible. Additionally, its versatility extends to air compressor and fluid pump motors.

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Easy-Start 364 Enhanced Functionality:

-Power Two A/C Units: EasyStart enables you to run two air conditioners on a single 30-Amp cord, with the requirement of one EasyStart unit per A/C. This is contingent on effective power management, ensuring the total amperage remains below 30 AMPS. Note that this does not reduce the running AMPS of the A/C units.

-Quieter Operation: Enjoy a peaceful night with reduced noise levels, keeping your A/C running smoothly throughout.Increased Appliance Compatibility: Run your air conditioner alongside more appliances simultaneously without overloading your power source.

-Cost-Effective Upgrades: Adding an additional A/C unit becomes more affordable with EasyStart, eliminating the need for expensive rewiring to upgrade to a 50-amp system.

Installation and Protection:

Advanced Safety Features: EasyStart comes equipped with several specialized fault checks, offering additional protection for your compressor that is not available in other soft starters.

Durable Design: The unit features a water-resistant and UV-protected enclosure, complete with an integrated mounting flange for longevity and reliability.

Adaptable and User-Friendly:

Easy Connection Options: The EasyStart 364 models are equipped with side-angled "flag connectors" for easy attachment to the run capacitor in your installation. These connectors are ideal for limited spaces but can also be replaced with your preferred connector type if desired.

EasyStart™ is not just a product; it's a game-changer in the world of A/C units, offering unmatched efficiency, ease of use, and versatility.