Travel Perfected: 2023 Garage-able Mini-T Campervan with Adaptive Cruise, Solar and Awning


Mileage: 67

VIN: NM0GE9F22P1556664

Freedom of the road and freedom from HOA RV parking restrictions: The 2023 Mini-T Campervan. Perfectly tailored for those living within HOA guidelines, this innovative Ford Transit Connect Mini-T Campervan design fits right in a standard garage. Discover the rare fusion of convenience and adventure with this unique, HOA-friendly RV and Camper Van!

The Mini-T Campervan gets great gas mileage: 24-28 MPG!

Features: Adaptive Cruise control, Awning, Large reverse camera, Navigation system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capable, Cell phone remote start, Rear Sensing System, Lane Keeping System, Blind Spot Indicators, Solar, off-grid or on-grid electrical power, Roof Mounted Fan, Long Range TV Antenna, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Foldable/Portable Toilet stored under the bed, and more.

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Living in an apartment, condo, or Homeowners Association with parking restrictions? No more issues, as the Mini-T Campervan fits perfectly in your garage. Don't want two vehicles? The Mini-T Campervan is the perfect 'one vehicle fits all' solution! Bonus: save money on insurance, maintenance, etc., by having a single vehicle for all your needs.

Here are more reasons why the 2023 Mini-T Campervan is more than just a camping option:

- Versatility for Daily Use: Its compact size makes it ideal for everyday errands or city driving.

-Work on the Go: Equipped with USB ports and a wireless charging pad, table and off the grid 120V power, it's perfect for mobile professionals.

-Tailgate Ready: Ideal for sports events, beach trips, or picnics with its built-in amenities.

-Eco-Friendly Travel: With its fuel efficiency, it's a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious drivers.

-Emergency Ready: A reliable backup vehicle for power outages or emergencies, thanks to its solar panels, dual house batteries and Power inverter.

-Adventure Awaits: Spontaneous road trips or weekend getaways are effortless with its all-in-one functionality.

Discover RV luxury in a compact design with the Mini-T Campervan. This camper comes equipped with an awning, foldable toilet, solar panels, an automatic TV antenna, reversible roof fan, and a TV/DVD combo. Prepare meals with ease using the microwave, sink, and efficient 25-liter fridge. Power needs? We've got you covered with dual batteries, a 2000W inverter, and a shore power outlet. For your comfort: tinted windows, privacy curtains, sunshades, bug screens, vinyl flooring, and ample storage.

Safety is a priority: Enjoy features like Adaptive Cruise Control, lane-keeping, a broad rear-view camera, blind-spot monitors, and emergency braking. For convenience, enjoy USB ports, a wireless charging pad, and cell phone activated remote start.

Beyond just safety, the 2023 Ford Transit Connect Mini-T blends Class B Campervan conversion comforts in a fuel-efficient package. Easy to drive, it's perfect as an RV or an everyday vehicle.

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Unlock vast capabilities! Go off-grid and still use microwaves, hair dryers, CPAP machines, and more! Experience a new world of mobile luxury.

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