Mini-T Campervan New 2023 Model: Adaptive Cruise Control and Solar Freedom in a Garageable RV

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Mileage: 156

VIN: NM0GE9F28P1561531

2023 Mini-T Campervan: Adaptive Cruise Control, Navigation, Awning, and More!

Discover the incredible features and benefits of the Mini-T Campervan. Experience the comfort and safety of having your own bed while traveling. This versatile campervan doubles as your everyday vehicle, saving you the cost and hassle of maintaining multiple vehicles.

The Mini-T Campervan is garage-friendly, making it perfect for HOA living. It offers impressive gas mileage, achieving 24-28 MPG.

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Living in an apartment, condo, or Homeowners Association with parking restrictions? No more issues, as the Mini-T Campervan fits perfectly in your garage. Don't want two vehicles? The Mini-T Campervan is the perfect "one vehicle fits all" solution! Bonus: save money on insurance, maintenance, etc., by having a single vehicle for all your needs.

Here are more reasons why the 2023 Mini-T Campervan is more than just a camping option:

- Versatility for Daily Use: Its compact size makes it ideal for everyday errands or city driving.

-Work on the Go: Equipped with USB ports and a wireless charging pad, table and off the grid 120V power, it's perfect for mobile professionals.

-Tailgate Ready: Ideal for sports events, beach trips, or picnics with its built-in amenities.

-Eco-Friendly Travel: With its fuel efficiency, it's a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious drivers.

-Emergency Ready: A reliable backup vehicle for power outages or emergencies, thanks to its solar panels, dual house batteries and power inverter.

-Adventure Awaits: Spontaneous road trips or weekend getaways are effortless with its all-in-one functionality.

Discover RV luxury in a compact design with the Mini-T Campervan. This camper comes equipped with an awning, foldable toilet, solar panel, an automatic TV antenna, reversible roof fan, and a TV/DVD combo. Prepare meals with ease using the microwave, sink, and efficient 25-liter fridge. Power needs? We've got you covered with dual batteries, a 2000W inverter, and a shore power outlet. For your comfort: tinted windows, privacy curtains, sunshades, bug screens, vinyl flooring, and ample storage.

Safety is a priority: Enjoy features like Adaptive Cruise Control, lane-keeping, a large reverse camera, blind-spot monitors, and emergency braking. For convenience, enjoy USB ports, a wireless charging pad, and cell phone activated remote start.

Beyond just safety, the 2023 Ford Transit Connect Mini-T blends Class B Campervan conversion comforts in a fuel-efficient package. Easy to drive, it's perfect as an RV or an everyday vehicle.

Unlock vast capabilities! Go off-grid and still use microwaves, hair dryers, CPAP machines, and more! Experience a new world of mobile luxury.

Questions about this camper van? Need info on delivery or financing? Reach out to DLM-Distribution at 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446.

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