2023 Mini-T Campervan Solar, Navigation, Garageable RV 24-28 MPG Eco-Mini Motorhome with Leather Seats

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Mileage: 9

VIN: NM0GE9F24P1562420

The 2023 Mini-T Campervan: Efficient, Affordable, and Perfectly Sized for everyday use!

Searching for a budget-friendly yet comfortable travel solution? Consider the 2023 Mini-T Campervan. One huge advantage is its ability to fit in a standard garage, making home storage hassle-free, even in HOA-regulated neighborhoods with strict rules about large RVs or external parking.

This Mini-T isn't just a camper; it's a versatile everyday vehicle! Sleep in your own bed as you roam from campsite to National Park, knowing you'll easily fit through any tunnel, onto ferries, under all bridges, through a drive through car wash and into a garage!

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2023 Mini-T Camper Van: A Smart, Compact Camper with Everyday Versatility

Do you have a standard-sized garage and HOA restrictions to think about? The 2023 Mini-T Campervan, built on the rock-solid Ford Transit Connect chassis, has you covered. Its compact size enables easy storage, dodging HOA complications and parking hassles when not in use.

Beyond convenience, this van's smaller footprint is a game-changer for travel. Road trips and camping adventures become seamless, as its size allows you to park in standard slots and navigate urban landscapes with ease. Bonus: 24-28 MPG!

Dubbed both HOA-friendly and "daily-driver" capable, this Mini-T Campervan based on the 2023 Ford Transit Connect is an amenity-rich option for two. Off-grid? No problem. Equipped with a Solar panel, dual house batteries, and an inverter to ensure power supply for 120V appliances. Comfort is front and center with heated leather seats, mid-vehicle overhead storage, a reversible fan, and a TV/DVD combo. For meal prep, enjoy the convenience of a microwave, sink, and refrigerator.

Safety is equally prioritized, featuring built-in navigation, a large rear-view camera, pre-collision assist with emergency braking, airbags, tire monitoring, auto high beams, rain-sensing wipers, and a reverse sensing system.

Staying connected is a cinch with 2 smart USB ports, a wireless charging pad, Sync 3, built-in navigation, anti-theft Securilock, Ford Pass, and compatibility with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Questions about this versatile, amenity-packed camper? For delivery or financing queries, ring us today at 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446.

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