August 12th, 2023

Small RVs or campervans offer several advantages over larger RVs, making them a popular choice for travelers.

Here are some reasons why a small motor home or class B vehicle, like the Mini-T Transit Connect Campervans or even the larger Transit may be a better option:

Better fuel economy:
Small RVs are more fuel-efficient than large RVs, helping to save on gas costs.

Easier to drive:
Camper vans are easier to drive than larger motorhomes, making them a good option for those who may not be comfortable driving a larger vehicle.

Easy to keep clean:
Small RVs can be easily cleaned both inside and outside and can fit through any car wash.

Access to remote areas:
Small RVs can access smaller roads and dirt roads leading to "out of the way" dispersed camping opportunities.

Sleeping options:
You can take a nap or get some rest wherever parking is allowed in a small RV.

With a small RV, you can drive your vehicle to explore the area while having your home and food with you. This can save on restaurant meals. With larger RVs, you would need to leave the RV behind and take a second vehicle to enable parking and exploring.

A camper van can go anywhere a car can go, including garages, small roads, and parking in busy cities or high brush areas with low trees.

More flexibility:
If you find a great overnight spot while exploring, you can stay without having to backtrack to get your RV.

Less clutter:
With less storage space, you tend to bring less "stuff," which you will likely not use, saving you space and money. Extra stuff along the way on an extended trip can be mailed home enabling you to stay on the road without clutter.

Small RVs can be used as a primary or secondary vehicle when not traveling, making them great for tailgating.

Higher resale value:
Small camper vans should hold their value better than larger RVs due to escalating fuel prices, high storage prices, and higher insurance costs for the bigger RV motorhomes.

No tow vehicle needed:
You don't need a tow vehicle, adding additional expense and set up time when camping and maneuvering around your destination.

No storage fees:
You can park your small RV in your driveway, saving on storage fees.

Easy to park:
You will not pull into a parking lot wondering if you will be able to park or turn around with a small RV.

More camping opportunities:
Many campgrounds do not have spots for the larger motorhomes, providing more camping opportunities for small RVs.

Tailgating / Party options:
Small camper vans are great for a trip to your friend's bonfire and parties. You always have a place to stay without imposing on their home and space. Plus, you get to sleep in your own bed with your own bedding.

With a Transit Connect Camper van, you can pull over and sleep without having to unload to go into a hotel, pack back up and load the vehicle again each night. Setting the bed up takes seconds.

Using a camper van as a primary vehicle is a wonderful option. It has less insurance, lower costs maintaining multiple vehicles, and you can be spontaneous. Your gear is with you, so you can spend the night, make a meal, go for that extended hike, and take advantage of your time without having to return home to resupply for your next adventure.

Large motorhomes often do not get used many days out of the year. Consider the cost per use when making your RV purchase decision. Small motorhomes have higher use, reduced monthly payment, high MPG fuel economy

In conclusion, owning a smaller garageable campervan provides several benefits for travelers seeking convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. With better fuel economy, easier driving, and versatile parking options, these vehicles offer more access to remote areas, more camping opportunities, and less clutter. Plus, they can be used as a primary or secondary vehicle when not traveling, making them great for tailgating, spontaneous adventures, and other multi-purpose uses. Overall, a small campervan is a smart investment that provides long-lasting value and endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Happy Camping!

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