May 8th, 2018

Heading to Arkansas in your Mini-T Campervan presents an adventure that combines the allure of scenic beauty with the comforts and efficiency of eco-friendly travel. Arkansas, with its diverse landscapes, from the verdant Ozark and Ouachita Mountains to expansive plains, is a haven for those seeking a mix of outdoor activities, historical exploration, and serene spots perfect for camping. Let's explore what makes Arkansas a must-visit for Mini-T Campervan adventurers, focusing on attractions, outdoor adventures, and the best camping spots to experience the natural beauty of the Natural State.

1. The Ozark National Forest

The Ozark National Forest's 1.2 million acres of lush landscapes are your playground, offering hiking trails, crystal-clear rivers, and awe-inspiring views. Your Mini-T Campervan allows you to traverse the forest's scenic byways, providing comfortable rest stops amidst tranquil nature. Highlights include the Blanchard Springs Caverns for underground cave explorations and the serene waters of Mirror Lake, with several campgrounds tailored for a cozy night's stay.

2. Hot Springs National Park

Blend relaxation with exploration at Hot Springs National Park. Park your campervan and wander down Bathhouse Row, where historic buildings narrate the tale of America's spa town. The thermal waters here have attracted visitors for centuries. Near your campsite, the Gulpha Gorge Campground offers a chance to enjoy these natural hot springs, ensuring a unique and relaxing experience.


3. Buffalo National River

Adventure seekers will revel in the Buffalo National River's offerings of kayaking, canoeing, and tubing through this pristine waterway. Its untouched waters meander through stunning bluffs and lush forests, setting the stage for memorable experiences. With numerous spots along the river to park and camp, you're always close to your next outdoor activity.


4. Crater of Diamonds State Park

Inject excitement into your trip at Crater of Diamonds State Park, where you can hunt for real diamonds in their natural setting. This unique park not only allows you to keep any gems you find but also provides a campground with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay in your Mini-T Campervan.


5. Petit Jean State Park

Experience the blend of natural beauty, ancient history, and outdoor adventure at Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas's first state park. Trails lead through enchanting forests to the magnificent Cedar Falls and offer breathtaking views from Petit Jean's Grave overlook. The park's campgrounds accommodate Mini-T Campervans, offering a peaceful base after a day of exploration.

Photo of Cedar Falls

Traveling through Arkansas in your Mini-T Campervan offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the state's natural wonders and historical sites at your leisure, embodying a lifestyle of adventure, sustainability, and freedom. Whether it's soaking in Hot Springs, searching for diamonds, or paddling down the Buffalo River, Arkansas makes for a great place to visit.

Happy Camping!

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