September 13th, 2018

When it comes to embarking on road trips that involve ferry crossings across rivers, lakes, or even between islands, choosing the right recreational vehicle (RV) is crucial. While large RVs often face exorbitant fees for boarding ferries, there is a remarkable alternative that stands out from the crowd. The Mini-T Campervan, registered as a car/van such as the Ford Transit Connect, not only offers a compact and versatile camping experience but also saves you from the costly per-foot charges imposed on larger RVs. In this article, we will explore why the Mini-T Campervan is the top choice for those seeking hassle-free ferry crossings.

Compact Size, Maximum Convenience:
The Mini-T Campervan, built on the Ford Transit Connect platform, boasts a compact size that makes it agile and easy to maneuver. Its smaller dimensions enable it to fit effortlessly onto ferries without taking up excessive space or requiring special arrangements. Unlike larger RVs, which often necessitate additional fees based on their length, the Mini-T Campervan enjoys the automotive rate due to its classification as a car or van.

Cost-Effective Ferry Crossings:
One of the major advantages of the Mini-T Campervan is the financial benefit it offers during ferry crossings. Large RVs, owing to their size, are frequently charged based on the foot of deck space they occupy. These charges can quickly accumulate, significantly impacting your travel budget. On the other hand, the Mini-T Campervan's classification as a car/van allows it to be charged at the automotive rate, resulting in substantial savings.

Time-Saving Efficiency:
Another notable advantage of the Mini-T Campervan is its ability to streamline the boarding process. Ferries often have limited space and limited time to accommodate a multitude of vehicles. With its smaller size, the Mini-T Campervan requires less time and effort to embark and disembark, reducing waiting times and ensuring a smoother experience for both the traveler and the ferry staff.

Versatility and Practicality:
Despite its compact nature, the Mini-T Campervan does not compromise on functionality. Its clever design maximizes space utilization, providing all the essential amenities required for a comfortable camping trip. From a compact kitchenette and sleeping area to storage compartments and a compact bathroom, the Mini-T Campervan offers a practical and well-equipped living space without sacrificing convenience.

Freedom to Explore:
By choosing the Mini-T Campervan for your ferry crossings, you unlock a world of possibilities for exploration. Its versatility extends beyond ferry trips, as its compact size makes it ideal for navigating narrow roads, parking in tight spaces, and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations. You can confidently embark on new adventures, knowing that your Mini-T Campervan will effortlessly adapt to any terrain or travel scenario.


For travelers seeking an RV that excels in ferry crossings without incurring excessive fees, the Mini-T Campervan emerges as the ultimate choice. Its classification as a car/van, such as the Ford Transit Connect, ensures a cost-effective and hassle-free boarding experience. With its compact size, practicality, and versatility, the Mini-T Campervan offers a remarkable camping experience while opening doors to a world of exploration. So, if you're planning your next road trip involving ferry crossings, don't overlook the Mini-T Campervan as the perfect companion for your adventures.

Happy Camping!

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