August 26th, 2022

As pioneers in the campervan community, the Mini-T Campervan stands tall with its innovative blend of resourcefulness, utility, and comfort. While it may surprise some that it doesn't have a standard RV air conditioner, it certainly doesn't compromise on delivering a fresh, cool atmosphere within the van. So, what's the secret? It's all in the Mini-T's remarkable automotive cooling system, additional ducting, and a special built-in feature that sets it apart.

In contrast to many DIY campervans, which are based on simple cargo van chassis and often lack efficient cooling capabilities, the Mini-T Campervan offers an advanced cooling solution. Most DIY campervans feature an A/C system without the essential ducting to the rear, resulting in a lackluster performance during hot weather. This deficiency often leads to the A/C unit working overtime, consuming extra energy, and taking longer to cool the space.

However, the Mini-T Campervan, a premium Class B motorhome, takes a different approach. Its rear air conditioning controls, along with dedicated ducting, provide a crucial advantage over other campervans.

Powering this unique cooling system is the Mini-T's economical 4-cylinder engine. Running this engine not only cools the interior but also serves as a generator, keeping your 'house' batteries charged concurrently. This dual benefit ensures that while you relax in a refreshing environment, you're also conserving fuel and maintaining battery life. It's a winning combination all the way.

But there's more to the Mini-T Campervan's cooling prowess than just the air conditioning. It also boasts a built-in 10-speed reversible roof fan. During those 'less hot' times, this fan, operating off your house batteries alone, provides an astonishing amount of comforting airflow. It's this fantastic feature that keeps the Mini-T Campervan remarkably cool, further enhancing its reputation for comfort and efficiency.

Picture this - arriving at your chosen camping site on a hot summer day, starting your Mini-T's engine, and sinking into a cool, comfortable haven. Meanwhile, your vehicle is discreetly recharging your batteries for the night ahead, while other campervan owners grapple with inefficient cooling systems.

Modern automotive technology also supports the Mini-T Campervan's cooling system. This means that running your engine for longer periods to power your A/C doesn't negatively impact your vehicle, as long as you keep your fuel supply in check. It's a testament to the innovative design and robust manufacturing of the Mini-T that it can deliver such significant advantages.

So, why should you opt for a Mini-T Campervan? If comfort in hot weather, fuel savings, efficient battery usage, and a blend of modern features rank high on your list, the Mini-T Campervan clearly emerges as the go-to choice.

Stay cool, conserve energy, and soak in your adventures in a way you never have before - choose the Mini-T Campervan, truly a class in its own league.

Happy Camping!

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