April 20th, 2021

Looking for fun trips in a campervan?

If you have a day or a retirement worth of time to travel and explore don’t forget to visit the National Parks, historic parks, forests and rivers across the country. You can visit them all in a campervan with nearly no issues finding a campsite or place to park, picnic or sleep with the right camper van- not too big, easy to drive, easy to park and very efficient.

Set your goals, program your GPS and start exploring today!

The numbers change but at the time of research there are:


  • There are 59 national parks in the United States
  • There are 129 U.S. national monuments,
  • There are 20 national preserves.
  • There are 51 national historical parks.There are 89 national historic sites
  • There are 30 national memorials 
  • There are 18 national recreation areas
  • There are 10 national seashores.
  • There are four national lakeshores
  • There are 5 national rivers
  • There are 10 national wild and scenic rivers

 Start your next adventure and explore your National Parks- “Travel large” by “going small” in a Campervan built to fit in more campsites than any other type of RV.

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