June 6th, 2020

What is a Mini-T Campervan conversion from DLM Distribution?

The Mini-T Campervan conversions (Mini Transit/ Mini-T conversion) by DLM-Distribution are built on a Ford Transit Connect measuring just 80" high (with roof features) and 189.7" long.

Unlike many Campervan manufacturers, DLM-Campervans now come standard with the features you will love. Camper solar system is a standard, not an option on the Mini-T Transit Connect Campervan. Other standard features include a 2000 watt power inverter, high output/Ah house batteries, two way remote start, shore power connections, reversible roof fan, tow package for bike racks or light towing, compressor driven refrigerator, LED lighting, limo tinted windows, TV/DVD entertainment systems, over the air antennae, side window bug screens, Weathertech front floor liners and sunshades. Also included with every Mini-T Camper-Van is a starter kit including a portable stove, storage totes that fit under the bed, shore power cord, and a front privacy curtain. Most Mini-T Campervans coming out of production now will also have a microwave oven and sink as standard features.

The Mini-T is a small RV Camper Van that will fit in a standard garage, go through a car wash and fit in almost any campsites with or without power. The Mini-T Campervans "Off grid" power capability lets you cook a meal on the road, run a hair drier, coffee pot, CPAP and more all without (or with) shore power hook ups while camping or tailgating on the go.

If you are looking for a “conversion van” that you can park in a small campsite as well as at home, HOA, in the driveway or garage these mini campervans are the way to travel!

Read more about each Campervan, features, options, view pictures, Camper Van video's and  available inventory at DLM-Campervans

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