December 1st, 2019

Experience the ultimate cost-saving adventure with camper van travel!

Imagine exploring the world, traversing oceans, seas, and continents, all from the comfort of your own campervan. Discover the incredible benefits of embarking on a journey with a campervan, which essentially serves as a compact home on wheels. Not only is it incredibly convenient and easy to drive and park, but for many, it also doubles as their daily driver.

One of the standout advantages of a campervan is its exceptional fuel efficiency. Compared to other types of motorhomes, campervans boast outstanding gas mileage, often surpassing even pull-behind camper combos. This means you can go further on each gallon of fuel, saving you money as you explore breathtaking destinations.

While some may initially view the compact size of a campervan as a potential drawback, those who have never considered an extended RV trip overseas might be missing out. Size does matter, and when it comes to visiting the most expensive destinations, a campervan can make your dream trip surprisingly affordable.

Picture yourself embarking on an Alaska tour, taking the Alaskan Highway on your way in, and opting for a different route home via the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System. The cost of transporting your campervan on the ferry is significantly less than shipping a large Class A or Class C motorhome or a truck and trailer combo. Since the ferry charges based on the length of your vehicle, your campervan comes out as the budget-friendly choice.

Now, let's consider destinations like Hawaii, New Zealand, or Europe. With a campervan, you can embark on international adventures, seeing more, doing more, and spending much less. Take Hawaii, for example. You can ship your campervan from the mainland USA to the islands for a few thousand dollars +/- one way, and it will arrive when you do if booked around three to four weeks in advance. At first glance, this might seem costly, but when compared to the expenses of car rentals (around $500 per week) and accommodations (starting at $200-300 per day or more) in Hawaii, it becomes clear that your daily costs are remarkably affordable. This affordability opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to explore more while traveling the globe.

The aforementioned examples provide a glimpse into travel costs, but the longer you stay abroad, the more cost-effective it becomes. Imagine an extended vacation, basking in the freedom and affordability of camper van travel. It could be the life-changing experience you've always dreamed of.

And don't forget, with the perfectly sized or "small" camper van, such as the Mini-T Campervan, you can even fit it into a standard 20' shipping container. This means you can seamlessly transport your campervan anywhere in the world, expanding your playground even further.

So get ready for an incredible adventure, enjoying luxury and freedom at your own pace with a campervan.

Happy travels!

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