November 27th, 2021

Do you or your travel partner need a CPAP/APAP machine to sleep comfortably at night? This is a common concern with many people traveling and camping. DLM Campervans were intentionally engineered to have off grid power as a main feature not an option!

This being said, let’s address this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

On or off grid you have power to spare in order to run your CPAP all night long. Just plug into your Camper Van 120 Power outlet like you do at home. Your Campervan RV does not need to be hooked up to shore power nor do you need a generator running to sleep in comfort.

Details on CPAP and RV use:

There are many types of CPAP or APAP machines. Most CPAP and APAPs work AC current (120V), and a few have a DC current option which are typically more expensive but NOT necessary when Camping in a Mini-T Campervan or a DLM Class B Camper Van.  

Most CPAP and APAP machines, run between 30-60 Watts. Our campervans are built standard with a 2000-Watt pure sine wave power inverter and house battieries designed to run sensitive medical equipment and all electrical devices and equipment equal or even better than the power at home.

How about a home oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator when traveling in an RV or Campervan? Again, the answer is yes!  The home oxygen concentrators may use as little as 120 Watts (depending on the model) but again, our campers can run an oxygen concentrator off grid, throughout the night. Portable oxygen concentrators use even less power and make them very ideal for your camping and travel adventures!




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