July 15th, 2008

Back up a travel trailer: Comedy at the Campgrounds

As a proud owner of a Mini-T Campervan, my travels have taken me from the tranquil lakesides to the highest mountain peaks. But while the scenery changes with every journey, there's one thing that remains a constant source of amusement – the campground.

You see, each evening at the campground unfolds like a grand theatrical performance. As the sun begins to set, the stage is set, and the stars of the show make their appearance: the colossal RVs and their trailers.

First, they roll in like elephants in a parade, each bigger than the last. Their drivers, armed with walkie-talkies and a misplaced sense of optimism, start the intricate dance of 'The Grand RV Parking.' It's a marvel to watch, a spectacle that combines the precision of a ballet with the intensity of a wrestling match.

On one end, you have the driver, trapped in a maze of mirrors, relying on the navigator's directions. The navigator, usually armed with a flashlight that seems more like a light saber in the growing twilight, tries to guide the RV into the camping spot.

"Turn a little to the right!" echoes through the night. Moments later, "No, no, your other right!"

Just when they almost nail it, a low-hanging branch or a sneaky rock decides to enter the scene, and the dance begins anew. It's a comedy of errors, playing out in slow motion.

As I sit comfortably in my Mini-T, the convenient size and agility of my humble abode become even more apparent. The performance in front of me continues, punctuated by muttered curses and the incessant beeping of the RV in reverse.

I can't help but smile, taking another sip of my coffee, freshly brewed thanks to my off-grid power system. No need for intricate parking maneuvers or battles with electrical hookups. My Mini-T and I are already settled, watching the chaos unfold from the best seat in the house.

I'm not laughing at them. Well, maybe just a little. It's more about appreciating the simplicity and the freedom my Mini-T offers. As the evening rolls on, and the last RV finally backs into its spot, the campground descends into peace once more.

The only sound left is the gentle hum of my Mini-T's refrigerator, and, of course, the distant sound of laughter from another Mini-T owner across the campground.

In the end, we're all just adventurers seeking our joy. For some, it's the thrill of wrestling a giant RV into a camping spot. For Mini-T owners like me, it's the delightful simplicity of the journey...and, of course, the free comedy show each night. Life on the road is never dull with a Mini-T Campervan!

Happy Camping!

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