August 8th, 2020

The Mini-T Campervan stands apart from other recreational vehicles (RVs) in its unique approach to air conditioning. Rather than incorporating a traditional roof-mounted AC unit, the Mini-T utilizes the existing Transit Connect automotive air conditioning system for an efficient and seamless cooling experience.

A typical rooftop RV air conditioning unit weighs about 100 lbs and would consume a significant portion of the Mini-T's compact roof space, affecting the roof's structural integrity. This setup would also eliminate space for other critical features such as a solar system and fan. Contrarily, the Mini-T’s low-profile approach maintains its sleek, stealthy look while ensuring the health and charging of its house batteries via its strategically placed solar cell.

The Mini-T’s air conditioning system capitalizes on the automotive design of the Transit Connect, providing several distinct advantages. Firstly, it is quieter, ensuring an uninterrupted, serene camping experience. Secondly, when you're off the grid, idling your Transit Connect consumes significantly less fuel than running a generator, as detailed in this article (Read article:RVing off the grid). Additionally, without a bulky air conditioning unit on the roof, you avoid wind resistance that could negatively impact your fuel economy and increase the height of your RV. Lastly, speaking of height, the Mini-T Campervan is designed to fit in a standard size 7' tall garage. Adding a rooftop AC to any van would completely eliminate the possibility of housing your Campervan in a garage with a standard 7-foot door.

The Mini-T's efficient ducting system, featuring vents in both the dashboard and the rear 'house' area, ensures cool air circulates throughout the vehicle. Rear AC controls offer complete temperature control, regardless of where you are in the campervan. In larger RVs such as 5th wheels or Class A's, traditional RV A/C's often struggle on hot days, and dashboard AC's in Class A RVs fall short in cooling the rear of the rig. As a result, generators and rooftop A/C's are frequently required, even when driving.

In contrast, the Mini-T's automotive air conditioning system, together with the rear ducting, swiftly and efficiently cools the interior. While idling the engine does consume some fuel, it is significantly less than what a generator uses. This makes the Mini-T Campervan not just fuel-efficient, but also environmentally friendly.

The Mini-T Campervan's innovative approach to air conditioning is a testament to efficient design. It enables users to maintain a comfortable temperature, stay environmentally friendly, and save money, all while preserving the stealthy aesthetic appeal of the Campervan. In the world of RVing, the Mini-T Campervan truly exemplifies the concept that less can indeed be more.

Happy Camping!

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