October 1st, 2022

The United States has a rich history of folklore, legends, and ghost stories, and that extends to many of its campgrounds. While "haunted" is a subjective term and experiences can vary greatly from person to person, there are certainly many campgrounds that are rumored to be haunted. Here are a few notable ones:

Big Moose Lake, New York - The site of the infamous 1906 Grace Brown murder, Big Moose Lake has been said to be haunted by Grace's ghost. Campers and visitors have reported seeing a ghostly figure of a woman on the lake and hearing mysterious cries.

Crystal Lake, New Jersey - This campground and lake inspired the fictional Camp Crystal Lake from the "Friday the 13th" films. Though the movies are fictional, the area itself has some eerie legends associated with it.

Dolly Copp Campground, New Hampshire - Nestled in the White Mountains, it's said to be haunted by the spirit of Dolly Copp herself. Visitors have reported strange occurrences like whispers and cold gusts of wind.

Holcomb Valley Campground, California - Once a thriving gold rush town, it's now a campground where visitors have reported ghostly sightings of miners and other apparitions from its gold rush days.

Morefield Campground, Colorado - Located in Mesa Verde National Park, it's not the campground itself but the ancient cliff dwellings nearby that are rumored to be haunted. There have been reports of phantom drumming and other unexplained sounds.

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania - Not a traditional campground, but the site where George Washington and his troops spent a hard winter during the Revolutionary War. There have been numerous reports of ghostly soldiers, sounds of cannons, and other wartime noises.

Skidaway Island State Park, Georgia - Some campers have reported seeing ghostly figures of soldiers, believed to be from the Civil War era.

Remember, while these legends and stories are fun and can add a sense of adventure to a camping trip, always approach these tales with a sense of skepticism. Most "hauntings" can often be explained by natural phenomena, animals, or other campers. Always prioritize safety and respect for the environment and others when camping, haunted or not.

Happy Camping!

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