September 20th, 2014

Transporting a kayak on a campervan requires the right equipment and a solid understanding of the process. For owners of a Mini-T Campervan, the Ford Crossbars serve as a foundational step, offering stability and adaptability. The J-hook is one of the most preferred attachments for this purpose. Here's a brief guide on using J-hooks with Ford Crossbars:

J-hooks and Ford Crossbars:

How J-hooks Work:

Design and Shape: J-hooks are J-shaped mounts designed specifically to secure to crossbars, like the Ford Crossbars, on your vehicle's roof.

Positioning: With their distinctive shape, J-hooks allow the kayak to be placed on its side. This ensures optimal space usage, making it possible to even carry two kayaks side by side.

Securing the Kayak: Once rested inside the J-hooks, the kayak is secured using straps. High-quality J-hooks often come with built-in or accompanying straps that wrap snugly around the kayak, ensuring its stability during transport.

Protection: Premium J-hooks are often padded or coated in rubber. This design feature not only aids in gripping the kayak but also safeguards its hull from potential scratches and dents.

Why Use Ford Crossbars?

Ford Crossbars are built with durability and versatility in mind. They serve as the primary base upon which attachments like J-hooks can be mounted. Their robust construction ensures that the weight of the kayak is evenly distributed across the vehicle's roof, providing peace of mind during travels.

In conclusion, J-hooks paired with Ford Crossbars provide a convenient and space-efficient method for transporting a kayak on a Mini-T Campervan. While there are various attachment options out there, the combination of Ford Crossbars and J-hooks stands out for its reliability and ease of use. Choose this pairing for a straightforward and secure way to transport your kayak.

Safe Travels!

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