August 20th, 2009

Carrying a canoe on top of a Mini-T Campervan is both an efficient use of space and a great way to bring along your favorite watercraft for adventures. Using the Ford Crossbars as a mounting system ensures stability and safety. When mounting a canoe, especially with unique features like an antenna and roof fan on the Campervan, careful placement and secure fastening are crucial. Here's a guide on how to carry a canoe on your Mini-T Campervan:

Placement of the Canoe:

Orientation: The canoe should be placed open side down. This provides a stable base and minimizes wind resistance during transport.

Centering: Center the canoe on the van so that both the antenna and roof fan are inside the canoe's open space. This protects these features from potential damage.

Securing the Canoe to Ford Crossbars:

Crossbar Padding: Before placing the canoe on the crossbars, consider using padding or foam blocks. These can be positioned where the canoe makes contact with the crossbars to prevent scratches and offer additional stability.

Strapping Down: Use strong, non-abrasive straps to secure the canoe. Begin by laying the strap over the length of the canoe, making sure they are flat against the canoe's surface. Then, loop the straps underneath the crossbars and tighten until the canoe is securely fastened. Double-check to ensure no part of the strap is in contact with the Campervan's body to prevent scratching.

Bow and Stern Ties: Although the main weight of the canoe will be supported by the crossbars, tying down the bow and stern adds another level of security. Attach ropes or straps to the bow and stern of the canoe, and then fasten them to the towing eyes or other secure points under the front and back of the Campervan. Ensure these lines are taut but not excessively tight, as this can warp or damage the canoe.

With careful placement and secure fastening, carrying a canoe on a Mini-T Campervan using Ford Crossbars is both feasible and safe. By ensuring the canoe is centered to accommodate the van's features and by securely tying it down, you can confidently transport your canoe to your next adventure destination.

Safe travels!

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