January 1st, 2024

As the popularity of campervans and camping continues to boom in the United States, we have compiled some key advantages of choosing DLM Campervans. 

We are proud to design, build and service our products.  DLM provides customer service like no other....YES we have phones and answer them!  

1. Customer service: You will have your own sales and technical expert and consultant, assisting you with the purchase process and with any questions during and after the sale. The customer service will not end there, you will have ongoing direct contact and assistance for the lifetime of your vehicle. The DLM Team will assist you before, during and after the delivery process to ensure you understand your camper van functions, features, maintenance and how to care for your unit, saving you money upfront as well as protecting your investment down the road.

-DLM is the engineer and creator of the campervans we manufacture and sell.  You will know the designers and engineer and manufacture/dealer team. These members will answer all your questions and assist you with questions regarding functions, maintenance needs, accessory questions, upgrades and remarketing questions for the lifetime of your vehicle

- DLM-Distribution will provide you with amazing assistance from anywhere in the country with personal contacts to assist you, with hours not even the largest companies can compete with. Real people, real service! DLM-Campervan phone numbers are always published, phones answered, and messages returned if a call is missed.

2 Warranty: When you buy from a private party the vehicle and conversion most likely will be “as is” and without a warranty. So, any future repairs on your campervan will be your responsibility. DLM-Campervans include both the automotive factory warranty (or remaining warranty) from Ford and a full RV Conversion warranty, nationwide with direct engineering and support during and even after your warranty period expires. This will ensure you spend little to no time or money on repairs and more time exploring, traveling and camping!

3. Proper value: Buying from a licensed and insured dealer and manufacturer ensures you are buying a vehicle valued correctly at the time of purchase and in the future. DLM campervans hold a much higher than average resale value.  If at any time you find you are ready to sell or ready for an upgrade ~ Call us! We may be interested in purchasing your used campervan. 

4. Manufacturer direct pricing: Best in market pricing is an advantage of purchasing manufacturer direct through DLM-Distribution. There are no additional business units involved, raising prices.

5. Automotive title work: One common problem when buying from a private party is, they often still owe money to a bank and do not have a clear automotive title. Leading to a strong possibility that the unit from the private party will not be transferred right away in the case of an unpaid loan. DLM-Distribution is a licensed dealer! All vehicles sold are owned with a clear title, accident free and you will drive away with a Temporary Registration Tag at time of purchase.

6. Financing: For qualified buyers with excellant credit, loan terms up to 20 years is possible.

7. Logistics: Our customers come from all over the USA. Being a manufacturer, dealer and distribution/logistics company your purchase, delivery day and shipping logistics if needed will be easy and trouble free. Fly in, drive in or ask for a shipping quote.

8. Proven Legacy: Since our inception in 2006, we have been a pioneering force in the production of Transit and Transit Connect Mini-T Campervans. Our enduring presence in the market underscores the superior quality of our products and the exemplary customer service we offer. In contrast to many transient "campervan companies," we are deeply committed to maintaining transparency. By publicly sharing our business details, including direct phone lines to decision-makers who can address your queries effectively, we affirm our commitment to product quality and the facilitation of seamless transactions. Whether it's related to loans, insurance, financing, title and licensing, or resale, our approach fortifies our reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

DLM Distribution is so grateful to be able to share their love of camping with others.  Campervans are a fun, safe and easy way to travel!

Happy Camping!

Campervans for sale: In stock camper vans HERE

DLM-Distribution / Campervans is a licensed manufacture and dealer located in Lake Crystal Minnesota serving clients around the country

Contact Dave: 651-285-7089 or Candy: 507-382-9446 today!