April 21st, 2022

Looking for a Garageable RV?

When buying a Recreational Vehicle, (RV), the first priority for most people is the living and storage space inside the vehicle. After all, what is the point of owning a recreational vehicle when it doesn’t have enough accommodations to be comfortable?

However, the biggest downside of owning a large RV is that it requires an even larger space to be stored when it is not in use. On top of that, it would not fit into a standard garage

If you are a couple or a solo traveler looking for an economical and a garageable RV, you shouldn’t look further than a class B Mini-T campervan! It is one of the smallest types of motorhomes that have become increasingly popular in recent times, and more and more people are looking into getting one.

The biggest appeal of this campervan is its size which makes it easy to park, store, and maneuver.

If you are on the fence about buying a small-sized motorhome, take a look at some key benefits offered by the Mini-T campervan.

Small In Size

The most standout feature that makes this campervan an absolute must-have is none other than its size! The Mini-T campervan is super easy to park and store, but above everything else, it’s an amazingly compact garageable RV, full of features!

Park Your “Mini-Motorhome” In the Garage

The biggest benefit offered by this mini-motorhome is that you can easily park it in your garage. If you live in a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), this campervan is the ideal option for you because you no longer have to worry about its storage and parking.

HOA’s often don’t allow RVs to be parked outside at all, but with this small and compact type of RV, you can leave it in the garage for as long as you want.

Primary Vehicle for Everyday Use

How often are you likely to take out your large motorhome and use it for daily activities? Not very likely, right?

The Mini-T class B Campervan can be your primary vehicle for everyday use. Alongside traveling, you can also use it for daily commute and other activities without worrying about its maneuverability or versatility to include having a refrigerator for your grocery shopping trip!

Given how this small campervan is the size of a mini-van with all of today’s best safety features, you can merge it on highways, take turns, or pull it into a parking lot without any issue at all.

Better Gas Mileage

Class A and C motorhomes tend to consume a lot of fuel due to their weight and size, and that’s where a class B campervan has an upper hand.

With the latter, you can expect to get double and sometimes even triple the gas mileage that you would get from the other large-sized motorhomes.

The ultimate advantage here is that it helps save you money, but most importantly, it’s also better for the environment.

Key Takeaway

There’s no denying the fact that a small campervan is more economical to own and operate. You are likely to use it more frequently than large motorhomes given the ease of use, parking, and minimalistic design. 

The best part? This garageable RV opens up so many options for those living in an HOA!

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