January 9th, 2023

Buying an RV is a great way to travel in retirement!

When choosing an RV type, one must consider how you plan to camp. If you are going to stay in one campsite for a season at a time - your probably want to go with a big RV! If you plan to “travel” consider small! The smaller RV’s make a good second vehicle. Think Campervan! Consider a Mini-T Campervan, these are one of the smallest Class-B motorhomes which will provide flexibility in uses and the best part, reduces the need for advance campground reservations as you can camp in even the smallest tent site or largest pull-through RV site. What about the driveway of a friend or family members place while exploring the country?….RV flexibility comes in small packages!

Learn more about the advantages of Mini Campervans, small motorhomes and the luxury of traveing in an RV that can be used as a primary vehicle or daily commuter.


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