May 10th, 2015

Are Bigger Campervans Better?

The Downside

Gas Consumption: We're talking about 14 MPG or even less with some of the high-roof campervans. While that might work for a cross-country tour, it quickly becomes a hefty gas bill when you're running errands or using the campervan as a daily driver.

Home Storage: Think twice before parking that large RV. Homeowners Association (HOA) rules often won't accommodate vehicles that can't fit in a standard garage, forcing you to pay for off-site storage.

Daily Driver Dilemma: Driving a larger campervan may feel like you're cruising in a mobile home, but navigating city streets or finding adequate parking can become a real headache.

Initial Costs and Maintenance: The upfront cost of a larger campervan can be steep, and that's just the beginning. Ongoing expenses—from tires to oil changes—are proportionally more costly.

Why Smaller, Like the Mini-T Campervan, Can Be Better

Fuel Efficiency: One word—Eco-travel. The Mini-T Campervan boasts an impressive 24-28 MPG. The savings add up, whether you're on a long-haul adventure or making short trips around town.

Daily Driver: This versatile vehicle effortlessly transitions from grocery runs to weekend getaways. It can serve as both your daily car and your vacation home.

Ease of Parking: Smaller size equals more parking options, whether you're in a national park or navigating an urban environment.

Lower Operating Costs: Expect lower insurance rates, cheaper replacement parts, and less frequent maintenance when you opt for a smaller campervan.

Flexibility: The Mini-T Campervan offers the freedom to adapt. Decided to extend your outdoor adventure by an extra day? No big deal—try doing that with a larger RV reservation.

Intimate Experience: Traveling in a smaller space offers a cozy and personal experience. It's not just about getting from point A to point B; the journey itself becomes part of the adventure.

Ease of Maneuverability: Tight city streets, congested traffic, or narrow campgrounds? A smaller vehicle footprint provides unmatched agility.

Garage-ability: A smaller RV fits comfortably in most standard garages, helping you sidestep bothersome HOA rules and additional storage fees.

While the allure of a bigger vehicle may be tempting, the Mini-T Campervan offers a compelling set of advantages. It strikes an unparalleled balance between comfort, efficiency, and versatility—without the literal and figurative baggage that comes with larger models. At DLM-Distribution, we've consistently seen people trade down from larger to smaller RVs to make their travel experiences more trouble-free and cost-effective. However....There is a right size and a right Campervan for every type of trip and different uses. One size does not always fit all!

Happy Camping!

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