February 13th, 2021

It is one thing to live in a parked RV and another to travel in one and explore the country from park to park.

The latter provides the fulltime RV experience where you remain on the road for months while exploring the country from one end to the other. Traveling and living such a adventure is what full timing is all about.  A long term RVing or a full-time exploration travel-trip with a large RV is far more limiting due to the RV size, cost of operations and accessibility to the exact parks you would like to access and stay in.

While offering easy operations, park-anywhere parking, low maintenance, lower operating cost, and a size that will fit in any campsite state-park or national park, the Mini-T campervan also checks all the boxes of a motorhome you can travel in for month or years on end if you do not plan on “planting roots”. The Mini-T Travel Van features solar power, shore power, off grid capabilities, a wag bag-style toilet, a sink, portable cookstove, and microwave. You can also use other 120-V household appliances in your Mini-T on or off the grid.

An opportunity everyone should experience

With 423 national parks across the US, you have a lot to explore with your Mini-T campervan. Apart from experiencing the national parks on your US tour and travels, you can also check off all the national monuments from your must-see bucket list. Also, if you are a collector of dates and memories, take the opportunity to expand your collection of national park passport stamps!

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