October 13th, 2018

Whether you're a history buff, a seeker of stunning vistas, or just a passionate camper ready to roll out on your next trip in your Mini-T Campervan, Minnesota's Zumbrota Covered Bridge beckons you. Tucked away in the state's heartland, this excursion promises a harmonious mix of old-world charm and contemporary exploration.

The Zumbrota Covered Bridge: A Historical Marvel

Built in 1869, the Zumbrota Covered Bridge is more than just Minnesota's last operational covered bridge; it's a trip down memory lane. Cruising for a visit in your Mini-T Campervan—it's a journey through epochs gone by. The wooden structure, crowned with its iconic shingled roof, stands as a silent testament to the masterful craftsmanship of an era long past.


Camp Out Near Zumbrota

A highlight of this adventure? Sleeping beneath Minnesota's expansive skies. And with your Mini-T Campervan, you're set for a night of unmatched comfort.

Zumbrota State Park: Literally a hop, skip, and jump from the bridge, it's the ideal spot for your campervan. With power hookups and top-notch amenities, it's a slice of camper heaven.


Hay Creek Valley Campground: A tranquil retreat with an edge of thrill. For those craving some equestrian adventures or a nature hike post a restful night in the Mini-T, this is the place to be.


Exploring Zumbrota

Beyond the bridge, Zumbrota brims with activities:

Zumbrota History Museum: Dive deeper into tales of the bridge and Zumbrota's storied heritage.

Crossings at Carnegie: An art enthusiast's delight. From ceramics to canvases, experience the town's vibrant art pulse.


Bluffs & Byways: Navigate through the neighboring towns in your fuel-savvy Mini-T Campervan—an enjoyable and green way to explore.

Venturing Beyond

Should the travel bug bite a little harder:

Red Wing: Renowned for its signature boots, artisan pottery, and the illustrious Sheldon Theatre.

Pine Island: Revel in its famed cheese fests or fish in the serene Zumbro River.

Kenyon: The cascading waterfall and its historical downtown are a must-visit.

To wrap it up, the Zumbrota Covered Bridge expedition is more than a day out; it's a full-blown experience. An experience that truly shines when undertaken in the Mini-T Campervan—marrying the agility of a car with the plushness of an RV. So, load up, set forth, and embrace the freedom of the open road.

Happy Camping!

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