March 14th, 2023

At DLM-Distribution, we're not fans of those typical "fluff-add on fees" like credit card convenience fees, or document fees - seriously, what even is that? Seems like every dealer thinks these are a brilliant idea, except us. It's kind of like those delightful baggage and seating fees on airlines – isn't that just a blast?

Credit Card Usage: Focused on Deposits and Accessories

In the vast world of automotive and RV sales, credit cards are usually whipped out for security deposits and those post-sale accessory splurges. Sure, it's convenient, but beware of the 'convenience' fees others love to sneak in. It's like restaurants charging extra for paying with a card – does that even make sense? Do you see a convenience fee at gas stations, doctors, Walmart, parts stores, or the grocery store? Nope. These fees are just a sneaky way for vendors to hike up prices without you noticing, all while playing the blame game with credit card companies. Think about it, do their suppliers charge them a convenience fee? Highly doubtful! Do these businesses write off the fees as the cost of doing business? Of course!

Document Fees: The Need for Transparency

Ah, document fees. Those mysterious charges for, you know, processing paperwork. We find them pretty underhanded. These fees should be clear and justified. Honestly, if it's just about filling out a form, let us do it ourselves and save that absurd $200-$800 we see at many dealerships. Again, do you get a document fee when you get your car serviced in order for the service department to create and print a receipt? How about a doctor's transcript? Or my favorite, your restaurant receipt, and oh yeah, the gas station... would you like your receipt? Of course, you do! You want to make sure you were charged correctly and that no 'convenience fee' is added!

Sales Tax, Title, and License Fees for Out-of-State Customers

Here's something important, especially for our many out-of-state friends. When it comes to sales tax, title, and license fees, we at DLM-Distribution ensure you're not dinged with these in Minnesota. You'll only pay what's due in your own state, city, and county. Simple, straightforward, and keeps everything above board with those state-specific rules.

The DLM-Distribution Difference

We stand out by ditching those convenience or document fees. Our pricing and processes are as transparent as glass, aimed at benefiting you, our fellow camping enthusiasts. We're all about clear, honest pricing that reflects our commitment to real value. If you are an out-of-state customer, the listed online price is your 'out the door cost.' You will be paying your tax, title, and registration in your state when you complete your registration. If you are a Minnesota resident, we will collect the state tax, title, and registration fees without the additional document fees most dealerships charge

Direct Manufacturer Benefits

Buying straight from us at DLM-Distribution means you dodge those pesky costs usually tacked on by middlemen and sales commissions. What you get is cost savings, a direct line to us, the makers, and a top-tier service. Plus, we know our Mini-T Campervan inside out – you're in good hands.

Getting the lowdown on the various fees in vehicle and RV purchases is key. At DLM-Distribution, our mission is transparency and customer satisfaction. We align our practices with the values of the camping and RV community, ensuring you get the best without the fluff.

Happy Camping!

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