November 23rd, 2021

Questions and Answers with DLM-Distribution: Uncovering the Truth About Vehicle and RV Purchases Without Dealer Document Fees

Q: What's DLM-Distribution's stance on typical 'add-on' fees in vehicle and RV sales?
A: At DLM-Distribution, we don't buy into the 'fluff-add on fees' that you often see elsewhere. Credit card convenience fees? Document fees? We think these are unnecessary and overcomplicated. We liken them to those frustrating baggage and seating fees airlines charge – more nuisance than benefit.

Q: How does DLM-Distribution approach credit card usage for transactions?
A: Credit cards are commonly used for security deposits and accessory purchases in our industry. However, unlike others, we don't sneak in 'convenience' fees. These are often just hidden price hikes. We believe in transparency, so what you see is what you pay – no hidden surprises.

Q: Can you elaborate on the issue with document fees in the industry?
A: Certainly. Document fees are often charged for something as simple as paperwork processing. We find this practice quite misleading. Why pay extra for something as basic as filling out a form? We advocate for clarity and fairness in these fees – or, in our case, the complete absence of them.

Q: How does DLM-Distribution handle sales tax, title, and license fees for out-of-state customers?
A: For our out-of-state customers, we make things simple. You won't be charged Minnesota's sales tax, title, or license fees at our dealership. Instead, you'll pay these fees in your home state. This approach ensures compliance with your state's regulations and keeps the process straightforward.

Q: What makes the DLM-Distribution difference in pricing and process transparency?
Our approach is all about clear, honest pricing. We eliminate common convenience or document fees, ensuring our pricing structure is as clear as glass. For out-of-state customers, the price you see online is your total cost, with no surprises. Minnesota residents will only pay state-required fees, minus the usual dealership add-ons.

Q: What are the benefits of buying directly from DLM-Distribution?
Purchasing from us means avoiding extra costs that come with intermediaries. You save on unnecessary markups and enjoy direct access to our team. Plus, with our deep knowledge of the Mini-T Campervan, you're guaranteed top-tier service.

Q: Any final thoughts for potential customers?
Understanding the fee structure in vehicle and RV purchases is crucial. We're here to offer transparency and satisfaction, aligning our practices with the values of the camping and RV community. Choose DLM-Distribution for an honest, straightforward buying experience.

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