November 27th, 2019

A Magical Blend of Music, Generosity, and Community Spirit

This holiday season, the Canadian Pacific (CP) and Kansas City Southern (KCS) Holiday Train is set to bring a unique blend of festive cheer and community support across the United States. Not just a visual spectacle with its 1,000-foot length adorned with hundreds of thousands of LEDs, the CPKC Holiday Train also stands as a symbol of generosity and joy. With the Mini-T Campervan, you can follow this magnificent journey, partaking in the celebration and charity that defines this season.

A Travelling Concert on Rails

The Holiday Train transforms ordinary cargo cars into vibrant stages, hosting live concerts that resonate with holiday spirit. This year, will witness the train's grandeur at many stations across Canada and the United States. The highlight? Free musical performances by acclaimed artists. These performances are not just entertaining; they're gatherings that bring communities together for a cause.

Contribute, Celebrate, and Camp in Style

As the Holiday Train makes its charismatic stops, each location becomes a hub of festivity and giving. While the train itself isn’t for riding, its arrival is an event in itself. The stage door lowers, and the air fills with melodies of holiday classics and popular original songs, interspersed with presentations from local food bank officials and dignitaries. The Mini-T Campervan is your perfect companion for this journey, offering a cozy retreat to stay warm with hot cocoa and a convenient option for local camping, turning each stop into a mini-adventure.

The Mini-T Campervan: Enhancing Your Holiday Train Experience

Your Mini-T Campervan isn't just a vehicle; it's a mobile haven that complements the spirit of the Holiday Train. With its efficient use of space and fuel, it allows you to visit multiple locations, celebrate, give back, and camp in various scenic spots. Imagine the joy of waking up in a new location each day, ready to enjoy another concert and contribute to another community.

A Tradition of Giving and Gathering

The Holiday Train is more than a festive show; it's a journey of giving back. By bringing non-perishable food items or making a cash donation, you're directly impacting the local communities. For many Mini-T Campervan owners, this has become a cherished tradition – a way to celebrate, give, and explore during the festive season.

Plan Your Holiday Train Adventure

For a detailed schedule and more information, the Canadian Pacific website is your go-to resource. Remember, each stop of the Holiday Train is an opportunity to make memories, give back to the community, and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. So, pack up your Mini-T Campervan, rally your loved ones, and set off on an unforgettable journey of music, charity, and holiday magic!

Happy Travels!

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