November 25th, 2022

Do you like to travel or camp? Have two homes or properties you travel between? Do you travel with a pet? Do you only want to maintain just one vehicle? Then a Mini-T Campervan is your perfect vehicle.

Travel vans are self-sufficient. Your microwave, refrigerator, bed, TV/DVD and toilet are always with you. The power bank of solar, dual house batteries and an inverter allows you to run your microwave even when not plugged in. You also have ample power to run a CPAP, charge your phones run the fan, refrigerator and more..

A Mini-T Campervan allows safety – space between you and others, nature, and the weather elements. While traveling you can find campgrounds, rest areas or even friend’s driveways to rest in. The cost of a campsite is far less than a motel/hotel.

While the cost of everything including food, fuel and vehicles is on the rise, owning a travel van as your daily driver has numerous advantages. Only one vehicle to maintain, insure and garage. The Transit Connect Mini-T Campervan by DLM is easy to drive, park and fits in a standard garage or carport.

With longer term RV financing available (up to 20 years), a Mini-T Campervan can cost you less per month than an average vehicle payment.

DLM-Distribution / Campervans is a licensed manufacture and dealer located in Lake Crystal Minnesota serving clients around the country

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