December 11th, 2022

Solo Traveling in your Mini-T Campervan

The Mini-T Campervan by DLM Distribution fits two travelers comfortably, but do you find yourself touring the world on your own at times? Traveling solo? Are you ready to get away from it all and be one with nature? Traveling by oneself has become extremely popular.

Some concerns for solo travelers are privacy, safety, and amenities.  A DLM Mini-T Campervan provides all these things. Front curtains and limo tinted rear windows provide the privacy needed while camping. Being inside a campervan provides the comfort of safety, takes you off the ground and away from the elements, animals, and even other people. With a complete self-contained electrical system your microwave, refrigerator, fan, and television all work without being plugged in. This is great especially when you find that off the beaten path place to relax, explore or even take a nap! The foldable portable toilet that is included can also provide comfort, when needed.

The biggest advantage to your Mini-t Campervan becoming your only vehicle is everything is in place, packed and ready for that last minute trip…no packing or unpacking. No wet gear to unpack and dry out when you arrive home.  Just simply park in your garage and dream where your travels will take you next.

So hop in the driver’s seat of the Mini-T and explore new places safely and economically.

There is room for two........but somtimes the solo trips are the absolute best!

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