January 31st, 2020

HOA Street Parking vs. Private Driveways: What's Allowed?

Question 1: Can HOA Regulate Street Parking?

When it comes to parking on public streets, HOAs tread a fine line. The authority to restrict parking on public streets typically lies beyond their reach. In most cases, it's the state laws that dictate the rules. Should a parking violation occur on a public street, law enforcement takes charge. However, within the confines of your HOA community, private streets are a different story. Your HOA has the power to regulate parking there, ensuring order and harmony.

How to Determine Public vs. Private Streets?

Here's the litmus test: If the general public, folks outside your HOA membership, can utilize the street freely, it's classified as a public street. These are the ones government authorities maintain. Conversely, private streets are meticulously cared for by your HOA and exclusively reserved for member use.

Question 2: Can HOA Make You Garage Your Vehicle?

Sometimes, the HOA may require homeowners to tuck their vehicles away in their garages. While it might seem stringent, this rule serves a purpose. It helps maintain the community's visual appeal, ensuring that every vehicle complies with the established standards. After all, aesthetics play a significant role in preserving the charm of the neighborhood.

Question 3: What About Driveway Parking?

Yes, indeed, some HOAs wield the authority to regulate the types of vehicles that can grace driveways or adorn the streets in front of homes. These HOA driveway parking rules are all in service of preserving the neighborhood's aesthetic allure. Once again, it comes down to keeping the surroundings visually pleasing and in harmony with the community's overall design.

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