January 27th, 2022

Are the outdoors calling? Consider purchasing a campervan over a larger RV. The advantages are plentiful including some of the reasons highlighted below.


         1. Size and maneuverability

-No length and height restrictions to be concerned about.

-Fits into campsites that larger RVs couldn’t fit into.

-Can stay in a friend’s driveway.


        2. Packed and ready to go

-Go camping on a whim, no preplanning is needed, everything is packed and ready to go.

-Grab a few groceries on the way out of town and enjoy your last minute adventure.


        3.Drives like a standard vehicle

-No stress of learning a larger vehicle required.

-Stress free driving as it fits in any tunnel, bridge, parking space and campsite.


       4. Simplicity is bliss!

-A campervan can prevent over packing and allows you to bring only what you need.

-Less clutter keeps your mind free to enjoy the outdoors and camping experience.


       5. Multifunctional vehicle

-Not only is your campervan for camping but great for a hiking trailhead or picnic at a local park.

-Chairs packed and ready to watch a family sporting event, concert, or other festival.

-Can become a daily driver.


       6. Lower Cost

-Can be used as only vehicle saving money on insurance and maintenance.

-Fits into a standard garage so no RV storage fees.

-Great gas mileage at 24-28 mpg.


       7. Freedom and Security

- Some concerns for solo travelers are privacy, safety, and amenities.  A campervan provides all these things.


So, if the outdoors is calling, purchase a campervan and make memories!

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