February 28th, 2016

Winter in Northern North Dakota holds a secret allure, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventurers brave enough to embrace the frosty embrace of the season. While many retreat indoors during the colder months, there’s a unique magic to be found in the pristine landscapes and tranquil solitude of winter camping. And what better way to experience it than in the cozy confines of a Ford Transit DLM Campervan?

The Beauty of Winter Camping:

Picture this: waking up to a soft blanket of snow covering the rugged terrain outside your campervan window. The crisp air fills your lungs as you step outside, greeted only by the sound of your own breath and the occasional rustle of wildlife. Winter camping offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing you to reconnect with nature in its purest form.

Solitude and Serenity:

One of the greatest joys of winter camping in Northern North Dakota is the solitude it provides. With fewer crowds and quieter campgrounds, you’ll feel like you have the entire wilderness all to yourself. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat to recharge your batteries or a chance to explore untamed terrain without interruption, winter camping offers a rare opportunity for uninterrupted solitude.

Parks Worth Visiting:

North Dakota boasts an array of state and national parks that are worth exploring year-round, but they take on a special charm in the winter months. Here are a few notable destinations to add to your winter camping itinerary:

Theodore Roosevelt National Park: This iconic park offers breathtaking vistas of the rugged Badlands landscape, blanketed in snow during the winter months. Explore the scenic trails by snowshoe or cross-country ski, keeping an eye out for the park’s resident bison and wild horses.


Lake Metigoshe State Park: Nestled in the scenic Turtle Mountains, Lake Metigoshe State Park is a winter wonderland waiting to be explored. Ice fishing, snowmobiling, and winter hiking are popular activities here, with cozy cabins and heated yurts available for overnight stays.


Fort Stevenson State Park: Situated along the shores of Lake Sakakawea, Fort Stevenson State Park offers a picturesque setting for winter camping adventures. Enjoy ice fishing, snowshoeing, or simply stargazing beneath the clear winter sky.


Embrace the Adventure:

Winter camping in Northern North Dakota may not be for the faint of heart, but for those willing to brave the cold, the rewards are immeasurable. From the pristine beauty of the snow-covered landscapes to the unparalleled solitude of the season, every moment spent exploring the wilderness in winter is an adventure to remember. So pack your bags, fire up your Ford Transit DLM Campervan, and set out on a journey to discover the untamed beauty of Northern North Dakota this winter.

Happy Camping!

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