November 25th, 2019

Mini-T campervans are fuel efficient “mini-motorhomes”

The Mini T Camper Van is designed to be compact and easy to maneuver, which makes them ideal for urban environments and for people who want to travel without the hassle of a larger RV or motorhome.

One of the key features of Mini-T campervans is that they are garageable, meaning they can be stored in a standard-sized garage or parking space when not in use. This makes them a great option for people who live in urban areas where space is at a premium or for those who have limited storage options.

The garageable feature of Mini-T campervans is achieved through a combination of their small size and innovative design. They currently manufactured on the Ford Transit Connect which is a small, lightweight van platform with a low overhead height making this Camper Van easy to drive and park. These attributes also makes it possible to park the Mini-T campervan in a standard garage with a typical 7-foot clearance.

Overall, the garageable feature of Mini-T campervans is a big advantage for anyone who wants to own a campervan but doesn't have the space for a larger RV or motorhome. With a Mini-T campervan, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road without sacrificing your storage space or your ability to park your vehicle at home.

Happy Camping!

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