June 20th, 2016

Take a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Washington State, where the open road beckons and adventure lurks around every corner. With your Mini-T Campervan as your trusted companion, you're not merely planning a trip; you're scripting a series of unforgettable experiences. From the misty shorelines of the Pacific Coast to the rugged peaks of the Cascade Mountains, the Mini-T Campervan offers unparalleled versatility and fuel efficiency, making it the ideal ally for exploring the vast beauty of the Evergreen State. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a novice explorer, this guide is your passport to an eco-friendly adventure that marries the comforts of home with the exhilaration of the open road. So, buckle up, roll down the windows, and dive into the ultimate Washington State tour tailored for Mini-T Campervan enthusiasts like you.

Must-See Places and National Parks

Olympic National Park: A realm of its own, Olympic National Park encompasses everything from temperate rainforests to rugged coastal beaches and mountain vistas. Station your Mini-T Campervan at one of the campgrounds, like Fairholme or Hoh Rain Forest, for a few nights under the stars. Seize the opportunity to trek the trails of the Hoh Rain Forest or soak in the panoramic views at Hurricane Ridge.

Mount Rainier National Park: The iconic Mount Rainier serves as a beacon for adventurers. The campervan-friendly Cougar Rock Campground offers convenient access to the Wonderland Trail and the breathtaking Paradise area. Early mornings at Reflection Lake provide mirror-like views of the mountain, a requisite for any traveler.

Photo of Skyline Trail

North Cascades National Park: Referred to as the American Alps, the North Cascades boast some of the state's most dramatic landscapes. With fewer visitors, this park is a haven for those in search of solitude and unspoiled nature. The Colonial Creek Campground serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the plethora of alpine lakes and rugged peaks.


Best Places to Camp and Explore Nature

San Juan Islands: Accessible by ferry, these islands offer a unique escape with their charming small towns and pristine natural beauty. Moran State Park on Orcas Island provides campervan spots and the opportunity to hike up Mount Constitution for a 360-degree view of the surrounding archipelago. The Summit of Mount Constitution, the highest point in the San Juan Islands, offers unrivaled panoramic views that stretch across the archipelago to the mainland, making it a breathtaking highlight of any visit.

The Enchantments: Aimed at the more intrepid, a journey through the Wenatchee National Forest leads to the trailheads for The Enchantments, a high alpine paradise. While overnight treks require a permit, day hikes provide glimpses into this enchanted area, brimming with crystal-clear lakes and granite peaks.


Discovering the Best Views

Palouse Falls: Delve into the eastern part of the state to witness the magnificence of Palouse Falls, a stunning 198-foot waterfall within Palouse Falls State Park. The overlook affords a spectacular view, especially at sunset.

Photo of Palouse Falls

Diablo Lake Overlook: Positioned along the North Cascades Highway, the Diablo Lake Overlook offers awe-inspiring views of the turquoise waters of Diablo Lake, framed by snow-capped peaks. It's an idyllic spot for a lunch break and a photo opportunity.

Skyline Trail, Mount Rainier: For a scenic expedition, Skyline Drive navigates through some of the most picturesque terrains in Mount Rainier National Park, with multiple viewpoints and trails along the route.

Your Mini-T Campervan is more than a vehicle; it's your portal to the rich tapestry of Washington State's natural wonders. From the tranquil beaches of the Pacific to the majestic grandeur of the Cascades, every mile traversed and every sunset beheld enriches the narrative of your adventure. So, let the journey commence, and allow the landscapes of Washington State to imbue your soul with memories that will keep you coming back for more.

Happy Camping!

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